Sunday, January 27, 2013

So just as a jumping off point, Bob and I were both talking about watching movies, and how they have effected us as different individuals and we both have different memories from different films. The way a movie affects an individual viewing it even from the person they love's lap can have an impact on the way's each person views the other one in the moment! So, we thought our own experiences with "Titanic" would be a good place to start. We know it is a little outdated, but we also know that people reading this will know the movie.

Stephanie: My most memorable moment in "Titanic" was seeing the woman on the lower decks being strong for her children and tucking them in to their beds. She was a proud woman who was able to maintain her fears and look to her children's futures no matter how short they were. She wanted to make sure they would not suffer the pain until they had to. She hoped that their end would come fast and that pain would not exist. Bob did not remember this scene when I brought it up. He has his own, it is because we were at a differnt place, we had different expectations. We had different purposes.

Bob: We did have different purposes because when I watched "Titanic", I was still single.  Having come from a house where music was everything, the scene with the string ensemble was especially  moving.  The members of the group realized their mortality and also realized that they could provide some comfort to those who were still holding on to their chances.  It struck me as an amazing moment when some knew they were lost as others saw the hope of survival.  When the conductor of the group addressed the other players and told them, "it has been an honor", it show his acknowledgement of mortality as well as his belief that music will bring peace to those who hear it.

Both: We think that this is a great movie. It is interesting how me (Stephanie) being a single mom at the time related to the mom putting her children to bed. And how Bob continued to give his undying attention to his customers as a single bartender (when we met)...who would be willing to make others happy until the end.